Sizing your childs bike

If you were wondering what size bike your child will need then as a rough guide a 3-4 year old will fit on a 14”wheel bike, and a  4-6 year old will fit on a 16”wheel bike, a  6-9 year old will be on a 20”wheel bike that will feature a basic set of gears on the rear, then at 8-11 years old we will be looking at the largest of the kids sizes, a 24”wheel bike that will feature a full set of gears front and rear. From 11 years upwards we would be looking at small sizes of adult mountain bikes with a 26” wheel.

If you’d like to reduce your chances of your child being stuck on stabilisers for a long time then a balance bike is a good idea as a first bike, either before a 14” wheeled bike or instead of one depending on how soon you want to start your child cycling. A balance bike has no pedals, and most importantly no stabilisers, the idea being that pedalling is the easy part of cycling, it’s the balance that’s hard to teach, so your child will sit on the bike and use his/her feet to propel them forward and they will get used to how to balance on two wheels as opposed to learning to pedal but relying on stabilisers to keep them upright. This will save a lot of hassle in the long run as your child will hopefully be able to make the transition to a proper bike either without stabilisers or with a very short period of time using stabilisers.

We stock “scoot” balance bikes from ridgeback, they have a aluminium frame which features a proper headset and 12” spoked wheels with a semi slick tyre and most importantly a rear brake.  At £99.99 and in loads of colours they are a fantastic balance bike that’s built to last through and beyond the abuse a child can give it.



We stock bikes from the following brands. Click on the logo to go to the manufactures website

Ridgeback Ridgeback cycles

Ridgeback have been a staple brittish brand for many years now,  with a wide range of great value entry level mountainbikes, hybrids, tourers, road bikes, flat bar road bikes, folding bikes and one of the best kids bike ranges availible.

Saracen Saracen are a very old name in cycling, they were at the forefront of the mountain bike boom in the 90’s, they had a bit of a rough time in more recent years but new ownership and design team have produced a fantastic range of mountain bikes from basic entry level through to the higher end, some pretty solid hybrids and a good range of jump and kids bikes.
Dawes Dawes have been making bikes for a very very long time, with a wide range of bikes to cater for every cyclist from tourers, to commuters, to mountain bikers, to Sunday afternoon riders right through to the tandem enthusiast or a child looking for their firsty bike they really do make something for everyone.
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