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Ridgeback cycles

Ridgeback have been a staple brittish brand for many years now,  with a wide range of great value entry level mountainbikes, hybrids, tourers, road bikes, flat bar road bikes, folding bikes and one of the best kids bike ranges availible.


Saracen is a very old name in cycling, they were at the forefront of the mountain bike boom in the 90’s, they had a bit of a rough time in more recent years but new ownership and design team have produced a fantastic range of mountain bikes from basic entry level through to the higher end, some pretty solid hybrids and a good range of jump and kids bikes.


Summer bicycles was created by women, for women. Heres what they said “The idea for Summer Bicycles came out of the difficulties we often faced when trying to find a bike that felt comfortable, rode well, and looked stylish. Here at Summer we were fed up of riding ill fitting men’s bikes so we went out there and designed our own which we are happy to share with you.” The bikes they’ve designed are traditional town style bikes with  a classic step-through frame, mudgaurds and a basket, with singlespeed, 3 speed hubgear and 8 speed hubgear to choose from the range is wide enough to accomodate various price points and requirments but still small enough for a small company to produce and supply.


Dawes have been making bikes for a very very long time, with a wide range of bikes to cater for every cyclist from tourers, to commuters, to mountain bikers, to Sunday afternoon riders right through to the tandem enthusiast or a child looking for their firsty bike they really do make something for everyone.

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