The Workshop
In our fully equipped workshop we can do a wide range of repairs and servicing, from a puncture repair to your dream custom build.
Should you happen to buy a bike mail order and have problems building it, we can do that too.

We aim at a 48 hour turnaround for servicing, but sometimes parts may take longer to source. We know how frustrating it is to have your bike unridable for a long time, so we aim to sort things out as quickly as possible!

Please contact us for a quote if you are unsure of what level of service you require.

These prices are for labour only, any parts required will be charged at list price.

Basic Service

Our basic service is to ensure your bike is safe to ride. We check all bolts are sufficiently tightened, tyres at correct pressure and your gears and brakes working correctly, your drive chain is then lubricated and any worn parts replaced. If your basic service needs a lot more work than originally expected you may be bumped up to a full service (We will contact you first).

£40 + parts.

£20 + parts for childrens’ bikes.

Full Service

A more in depth service, for cyclists whose bikes are used on a regular basis.

In our full service we remove the chain, cassette, chainset and derailleur’s and fully degrease and clean them. Your wheels are removed and the hubs checked for any play and adjusted, your wheels are trued if required, your bottom bracket and headset checked for play/wear. The bike is then reassembled with any worn parts replaced as necessary.

£70 + any parts needed.
Price includes fitting of brake pads, cables, tyres, tubes, bottom bracket, headset, chain, cassette etc if needed.
Bleeding disc brakes is charged at an extra £10 per end including fluid if required

Overhaul &Rebuild

 A total strip down of the bike to the bare bones, everything cleaned/degreased, and rebuilt. Fitting of all new parts needed is included. Disc brake bleeding is included. If suspension fork or rear shock needs work then there may be an additional charge depending on amount of work required.

Ideal for bikes that have seen a lot of use but that have perhaps not been maintained as regularly as they may have liked.

£100 + parts.


Should you happen to buy a bike mail order and have problems building it we can take all the stress out of it for you and assemble it for you correctly.

£40 + parts.

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